Rules of Learn & Earn with HTX Learn


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    Rules of Learn & Earn with HTX Learn
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What's Learn & Earn?

In light of the growing interest in blockchain knowledge, HTX has launched a new educational initiative called "Learn & Earn." This program empowers users to enhance their understanding of cryptocurrencies through quizzes and, in turn, receive crypto airdrops or other platform rewards for correctly answering all questions.

How can I participate in Learn & Earn?

1. Log in to your HTX account and access the Learn & Earn page of HTX Learn. You’ll see a list of the available courses. Please note you need to complete level 3 KYC verification to be eligible for this program.

2. Select a course. Follow the instructions to learn and complete the quiz after the course.

3. Rewards will be distributed to participants who pass the quiz typically within 7 days after each round of Learn & Earn concludes.

Note: Rewards in vouchers are only valid for a certain period from the day of distribution. Use your vouchers before they expire.

Am I eligible for Learn & Earn?

The Learn & Earn rewards are only available to registered users on HTX. New users need to fulfill KYC requirements before being eligible for rewards.

All verified users are eligible to receive rewards by learning the courses and correctly answering all quiz questions. Failure to complete the quizzes disqualifies users from receiving any rewards.

Note: Participants may receive special rewards in certain rounds of Learn & Earn. For details, please refer to the event page. HTX reserves the right to make the final decision on reward distribution.

How soon will I receive learning rewards?

Rewards will be distributed, typically within 7 days after each round of the event concludes. Note that rewards may be delayed due to system issues. If winners haven't received rewards within the specific period, please contact our customer service. Here are terms and conditions:

1. Accounts and sub-accounts obtained through bulk registration are not eligible to participate in and receive any rewards.

2. The rewards are limited in quantity and given on a first-come, first-served basis. Participants can only receive rewards for each course after successfully passing the corresponding quiz.

3. The amount of rewards available for eligible participants per country or region is capped.

4. Qualified users can participate in various rounds of the event and stand to receive multiple rewards. Users will not be able to participate after reward distribution or the end of the event.

5. HTX reserves the right of final interpretation for the event, the right to terminate the event at any time, and the right to change or modify the terms at its discretion.

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