How to Grab Rewards on HTX?

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    How to Grab Rewards on HTX?
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    How to Get Easy Rewards
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    How to Earn Trading Rewards
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    How to Get Community Rewards
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    How to Use Badge Mall
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    How to Get Referral Rewards
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    How to Get NewListing Rewards
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    How to Get Social Media Rewards
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HTX provides a variety of incredible benefits to our users. You can select rewards that fit your preferences by participating in our exciting events.

With HTX, you can enjoy risk-free rewards or win extra bonuses by making trades. In this guide, we'll explain each of these rewards and how you can get them.

Please note that the reward amount may change and will be updated on our official announcements and website pages. Thank you for your attention.

1. Easy Rewards

Visit HTX's official website, and click Activity > Rewards Hub on the navigation bar to start your journey of earning easy rewards.

Our easy rewards include the Welcome Gift and Futures Deposit Reward.

If you are a new user, you have the opportunity to get up to 2,400 USDT in Welcome Gifts. All you need to do is complete ID verification within two weeks of signing up and make a deposit of any amount. Meanwhile, you can receive trial bonuses worth up to 3,005 USDT by depositing into your futures account. The more you deposit, the higher your rewards will be.

2. Trading Rewards

Visit HTX's official website, and click Activity > Rewards Hub on the navigation bar to earning trading rewards.

You can make it by completing the Beginner's Tasks and Trading Tasks. The reward will be automatically credited to your account upon completion of each task. Don't forget to check your rewards.

3. Community Rewards

Community rewards are designed for HTX community users. You can participate in our community promotions and enjoy enormous benefits.

To get community rewards, you can complete the One-time Tasks and Growth Tasks.

1. One-time Tasks: You can get rewards by completing simple tasks.

2. Growth Tasks: When you get more familiar with our community, you can try slightly complex tasks to earn more rewards.

4. Badge Mall

HTX badges serve as a medium for redeeming rewards. You can use badges to participate in lucky draws and redeem rewards. 

In Badge Mall, you can draw or redeem a reward.

1. If you have a small number of badges, you can participate in a lucky draw to stand to win a reward.

2. If you have a sufficient number of badges, you can redeem rewards directly by using your badges.

5. Referral Rewards

If you invite your friends, such as your community members and to join HTX via your referral code/link, you will get a commission on every spot and futures trade they make.

Invite your friends to join HTX and earn virtual assets without even trading!

6. NewListing

HTX offers amazing incentives for new tokens in NewListing, where you can claim airdrops, trade new coins, and earn massive rewards.

7. Social Media Rewards

We also offer massive rewards to our dedicated users via social media outlets. By following us on Twitter, you can stay up-to-date on our latest events and stand to win various prizes.

8. Summary

Earning substantial rewards on HTX has never been easier. We offer a wide array of benefits tailored to your preferences. Simply stay tuned with us and participate in our exciting activities to enjoy non-stop rewards.

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