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DexCheck leverages AI and machine learning to provide valuable data analysis services for the blockchain industry.

DexCheck's products primarily involve technologies related to databases and storage, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and infrastructure deployment.

DCK is the native token of DexCheck, with a total supply of 1 billion tokens, offering multiple utility values.

What Is DexCheck

DexCheck is an advanced crypto data analysis platform that uses AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning to offer valuable data analysis services for the blockchain industry. Through custom internal APIs and proprietary algorithms, DexCheck provides a range of market data, comprehensive data analysis, and valuable trend predictions for decentralized exchanges (DEX), cryptocurrencies, and NFT markets, catering to the data needs of various types of traders.

The Technical Principles Behind DexCheck

DexCheck utilizes a combination of custom internal APIs, selected third-party APIs, and web scraping technologies to collect data from multiple sources, such as DEXs, NFT markets, and blockchain explorers. The platform then cleans, processes, and transforms these data to ensure accuracy and consistency. Upon closer examination, DexCheck's products mainly involve technologies related to databases and storage, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and infrastructure deployment.

Databases and storage: DexCheck relies on a combination of relational databases and NoSQL databases to store and manage its data. PostgreSQL is a powerful open-source relational database management system used for handling structured data, while MongoDB is a popular NoSQL database used for dealing with unstructured or semi-structured data, such as JSON documents. For caching and session management, DexCheck utilizes Redis, a type of memory data structure store that enables fast and efficient data retrieval, further enhancing the platform's performance.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning: DexCheck integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to provide advanced analysis and predictive insights. The platform uses the open-source machine learning library TensorFlow and the Python programming language to develop and deploy various models, including sentiment analysis, trend prediction, and anomaly detection.

DexCheck's infrastructure deployment: DexCheck's infrastructure is deployed on Hetzner (a cloud hosting provider). Utilizing Hetzner ensures the platform's high availability, scalability, and security. For containerization and orchestration, DexCheck uses Docker and Kubernetes, allowing efficient deployment and management of the platform's services and components, and seamless scaling to meet growing user demands.

DexCheck's Product Features and Advantages

DexCheck's front end is built with React, providing a smooth and intuitive user experience through React, a popular JavaScript library, and ensuring users can easily navigate and interact with the platform. DexCheck's backend is developed using Node.js, allowing for the development of high-performance server-side applications with JavaScript. DexCheck's backend employs the lightweight, flexible Node.js web application framework Express to build the API layer, responsible for handling client requests and processing data from various sources. For batch processing, DexCheck utilizes Apache Spark, a distributed event streaming platform, for real-time data processing and analysis.

According to the official introduction, DexCheck's multiple features are already live on the mainnet, with some set to be deployed according to the roadmap. DexCheck's main features include CheckBoard, Token Analytics & Charts, Crypto Whales Tracker, NFT Whales Tracker, Smart Money Leaderboard, InsightsGPT (an artificial intelligence-driven DEX tracker), Address Analyzer, Token Unlocks Dashboard, and more.

Overall, DexCheck encompasses the entire crypto ecosystem. Its primary features involve the most noteworthy data and indicators in digital asset analysis, exhibiting strong practicality; by utilizing carefully selected custom internal APIs and thoroughly vetted data sources, DexCheck maximizes data accuracy. Through advanced algorithms and data processing, DexCheck provides actionable insights, trend analysis, and market intelligence, enabling users to identify opportunities, risks, and emerging trends, make wiser decisions, and maximize potential returns more easily.

Coupled with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, DexCheck's analytical capabilities are significantly enhanced, offering users more comprehensive and predictive value information. Furthermore, DexCheck's interface is clean and intuitive, making it more user-friendly.

DexCheck tools and perks

DexCheck offers a range of tools designed to simplify the trader's experience, complemented by other promising features. Among the notable highlights are:

Address Analyzer: This feature is an indispensable tool designed to empower users with a meticulous examination of Profit and Loss (PnL) associated with any given cryptocurrency address. Offering a detailed breakdown of all traded tokens and an in-depth trading history, users can extract valuable insights into the overall performance of their selected address. Through real-time monitoring of token transactions, the Address Analyzer facilitates the swift identification of smart money, enabling users to track and glean insights from the strategies of the most successful traders.

Token Analytics and Charts: Token Analytics & Charts is a sophisticated feature that empowers users with comprehensive insights and interactive visualizations of token-specific data. Delving into critical aspects like price history, trading volumes, market capitalization, and circulating supply, this tool equips users with a holistic understanding of the market dynamics. Offering customizable timeframes and chart types, users gain the flexibility to discern trends, patterns, and correlations, facilitating well-informed investment decisions. Moreover, through DexCheck’s collaboration with GoPlus+ Labs, the Token Analytics section goes the extra mile by providing a contract audit, ensuring a secure investment environment, and safeguarding users from potential scams or rug-pulls.

Whales Tracker

Crypto Whales Tracker: Dive into the cryptocurrency seas with DexCheck’s Crypto Whales Tracker, where users can ride the waves of influential and large-scale investors' activities. By shadowing these crypto "whales," users can gain unparalleled insights into their transactions, holdings, and strategic moves. This feature is not just a spectator sport—it is a game-changer for retail investors, leveling the playing field by delivering valuable information to elevate investment strategies and decision-making.

NFT Whales Tracker: For those navigating the deep waters of non-fungible tokens, DexCheck’s NFT Whales Tracker is your compass to the top players in the NFT market. Stay informed on their purchases, sales, and coveted collections to spot trends, patterns, and valuable digital assets. This feature is not just about tracking whales; it's about arming users with the knowledge to make informed decisions when exploring the unique world of trading and investing in NFTs.

Token Unlocks Dashboard:

The Token Unlocks Dashboard serves as a vital tool, ensuring users stay well-informed about upcoming token unlock events and vesting schedules. By maintaining current knowledge of these essential details, users gain the ability to foresee potential market shifts and strategically plan their investment approaches. This feature is designed to assist users in minimizing risks associated with token unlocks, which have the potential to introduce heightened market volatility and influence the value of their digital assets.

Within this feature, users have the flexibility to inspect any token of their choice, accessing comprehensive information such as allocations, vesting schedules, details about the nearest unlock, tokenomics, and more. This functionality enhances the user experience, empowering individuals to make well-informed decisions in the dynamic landscape of digital asset investments.


The IPSO Pad, powered by DexCheck, stands as the gateway to unparalleled investment opportunities within the crypto space. Designed for users who stake 100,000 $DCK and attain the revered Oracle Tier, the IPSO Pad opens the doors to the Initial Private Sale Offering (IPSO) Launchpad—an exclusive platform offering Private Sale prices for Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs).This Pad secures Private Sale prices, positioning yourself at the forefront of groundbreaking projects before they reach broader markets, enhancing the potential for substantial returns by strategically investing.

DexCheck's Token Economy

DCK is the native token of DexCheck, with a total supply of 1 billion tokens, offering the following utility values: 1) Users holding DCK tokens can unlock DexCheck PRO’s advanced features, using its sophisticated data analysis tools, including access to Smart Money Dashboards and InsightsGPT; 2) DCK token holders have platform governance rights that allow them to participate in the platform's governance process by voting on proposals related to platform upgrades, fee structures, token burns, and other important decisions; 3) By staking 100 DCK tokens, users can obtain Oracle Tier, qualifying for exclusive initial private placements or IPSO Launchpad; 4) Users can stake DCK tokens to earn additional DCK tokens or other digital asset rewards.


Currently, DexCheck has integrated several mainstream public blockchains and is committed to providing comprehensive and accurate data analysis for the blockchain industry, offering users valuable data and investment opportunities in the digital asset market. Among DexCheck’s products, the crypto whales tracker, NFT whales tracker, smart money leaderboard, and InsightsGPT all hold significant practical value. Combining artificial intelligence, DexCheck is poised to offer more comprehensive, accurate, and valuable data analysis services.

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